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Recently, this gif has been stolen a high amount of times from blogs (and even websites!). By “stealing” we mean reposting a gif (not released for free use) without due credit to foreverkorra. We work hard to let others enjoy our gifs/graphics, so it disappoints us greatly when we see that work taken for granted.

That gif has not been the only one stolen, either. It now has a watermark. To protect our future work we will begin to lightly watermark all of our original gifs/graphics. We’re not interested in suffocating images with them.

The overall message is this:

Please do not repost original work by foreverkorra without credit or permission. You are allowed to respost/save/use gifs and graphics tagged “made for you”. Everything else belongs to us and we would rather you not repost or use the work for yourself. Stealing work is not acceptable in any form.

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