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Anonymous inquired: "is tonraq korra's dad?"


Anonymous inquired: "We need more LIN! Gosh, I wish she would join Team Avatar and travel with them around the world just like Toph in ATLA. Also teach Korra and Bolin Bei Fong's stuff and metalbending."

Pffft I can’t believe I left her out of the list! I’ll edit the post.

If Bolin does not learn metalbending I can’t even.

Anonymous inquired: "About General Iroh... what H word?"

Anonymous inquired: "Thanks, but not the font. I am talking about having multiple lines in a gif that keeps animating with the change of lines. I hope it is clear now."

Alright xD Sorry for the confusion! What you need to do is have multiple font layers containing what you want said, like this:

Then you have your animation panel. To get that, hit Window -> Animation. Toggling visibility on and off one of the text layers (by clicking the eye on the left of a layer) affects what appears in a frame.

Let’s say you have 3 text layers, “1” and “2” and “3”, and want them to appear on a gif in their numerical order. You can select multiple frames (let’s say the first 5) and make “1” visible on them, with “2” and “3” invisible. For the following batch of frames (say, the next 5 after that), you can make “1” and “3” invisible so only “2” will show. The process continues until for each segment of frames you have one line of text. When played as a gif, the lines of text appear to be animating :) I hope that helped!

Anonymous inquired: "Teach me how do you change the text in your gifs please?"

If I’m interpreting your question correctly, you want to learn how to change the font of your text. I’m also going to assume you use Photoshop.

When you’re using the Text Tool, you’ll notice a series of dropdown menus near the top of your screen. There should be one menu that shows the current font you’re using. Hit it, and you’ll have a bunch of fonts to choose from! Clicking one instantly changes the font of the text you’ve currently got selected.

If this wasn’t your question then, uh, sorry anon. If you still need help you can rephrase your question and ask me again.

awesomethingsfromhistory inquired: "If Asami's hair and Tahno's guyliner were to fight to the death, which would be victorious?"

I definitely think Asami’s luscious hair would win in a landslide. Have you seen how she flips it? WHOOSH! And it’d be all over. Tahno’s guyliner would be ruined! (ノ゚Д゚)八(゚Д゚ )ノ

Anonymous inquired: "I asked Bill who the feathered hat guy was, and he replied saying he was simply a background character. I could screenshot it if needed, but that's kind of disappointing. I was hoping it'd be something deeper.. xD"

Haha I asked Bill who he was as well! He told me “Not sure I follow?” I guess by now he understands our fandom more and knows who Feathered Hat Man is c:

It would have been cool if Feathered Hat Man did have deeper history… Hmm… I guess that’s where fanfiction comes in ;D

Anonymous inquired: "great gifs. when extracted those frames, what number did you set the frame per second (FPS)?"

Thanks! Anyway, for a shorter scene I usually set it for 2 FPS. For longer ones, I would recommend 3-4 FPS. Hope that helps! 

Anonymous inquired: "I'm not completely sure, but I think that by the equalist hostages, they mean the metalbending cops that were taken in The Aftermath :o"

That’s also a valid guess. Maybe they just mean everyone who the Equalists ever captured xD It’ll be interesting to see how Tenzin and Lin find these people, because to do so they most likely will have to go to the Equalist headquarters.

Anonymous inquired: "HOW ABOUT SPOILER-TAGS?!"

The show has already officially aired. Therefore a spoiler tag isn’t warranted.

I’m sorry, but if you don’t want to be spoiled then you shouldn’t hang around tumblr until you’ve watched the episode. Everyone will be flooding it with Korra news.